Hi, my name is Sarah and I am Wag n Purr Pet Services. I have loved all animals from a very early age and have a real passion that all animals are treated with the love and attention they deserve. I have owned dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs over the years and now am the proud owner of a pug cross westie and 2 cats.


In 2015 I decided to give up a  full time career as a school administrator to start doing what I loved most, which was working with animals and so Wag n Purr Pet Services began - I always offer a high quality, reliable pet service that will guarantee satisfaction for both you and your pet.


I am keen to further my knowledge of animal behaviour and good practice and have recently undertaken a Pet Sitters Diploma and a Dog Behaviour and Psychology course, with the aim of giving you the best service possible.



For any enquires please contact below or alternatvly email or call on, 

E: wagnpurrpetservices@gmail.com

T: 07887928462


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Wagg n Purr pet services,

T : 07887928462

E : wagnpurrpetservices@gmail.com

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