I will collect your dog from your house and walk for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour – whatever you decide is best for your dog. You can be assured your dog(s) will have a great walk either 1:1 or in a small group, sometimes walked locally or taken a short distance to a dog friendly place to walk and play giving lots of variety and stimulation.


Prices for Dog Walking:

Monday to Friday:

£8.50 per half hour (half price for each additional dog in household)

£13 for an hour walk


Weekend and bank holiday: additional £5 per walk



Before you decide to use my services I will need to come and see you and your pet to introduce myself; that way you will be confident your pet will feel happy in my company. This will also give an opportunity to discuss any special requirements.




I will visit your cat or rabbit or guinea pig once or twice a day (whatever you decide) ensuring your pet is happy and content. I will feed and water, clean out litter trays or hutches and give plenty of fuss. As well as making sure your pet is happy I can water plants, close/open curtains, pick up mail and generally keep an eye on your property whilst you are away. The visit will last approximately 15-20 minutes.


Prices for Cat visits:

£7.50 per visit

Discounts for visits in Newborough village


Charges for other domestic pets are negotiable.



As we all know when we have a puppy they require lots of attention. If you find that you have to go out for a long period of time and worried about your lovely puppy I can offer a visiting service when I can check that your puppy is happy, clean up if it’s made a mess, let it out to relieve itself, give it some play time, check it has clean water and generally give it a bit of attention that will hopefully wear it out until you return.


Prices for Puppy visits:

£8.50 per visit – 30 minute visit


Limited bookings


When you go out for an evening or have been treated to a few days away but you don’t want to put your pet in kennels or a cattery then I can offer a pet sitting service by spending evenings or an overnight stay in your home.  Not only does your pet much prefer staying in the comfort of their own home but also provides a presence in your home that might deter intruders.

The service I give will ensure your pets are fed and watered and let out in the garden, giving them plenty of fuss and love.  Any additional service could incur a further charge (i.e. dog walk).


Prices for Pet Sitting:

Start from £12 

Overnight pet sits from £20 per night